Edge’s javascript engine is now open source


Chakra the javacript engine that is behind the Edge browser was released as open source with MIT license, which from now on will be called chacracore, which will be available on Github.

It is a project created from 2008 consisted of a javascript engine, the goal is to have the necessary persormance for modern browsers and adapt to various scenarios, this means that chakra needs to start fast, run fast and an excellent user experience.

Chakra is not only in the browser but as the announcement says:

“Today, outside of the Microsoft Edge browser, Chakra powers Universal Windows applications across all form factors where Windows 10 is supported—whether it’s on an Xbox, a phone, or a traditional PC. It powers services such Azure DocumentDB, Cortana and Outlook.com. It is used by (and optimized for) TypeScript. And with Windows 10, we enabled Node.js to run with Chakra, to help advance the reach of Node.js ecosystem and make Node.js available on a new IoT platform: Windows 10 IoT Core.”

It is a javascript virtual machine with the facility to work with applications that need javascript.
its use extends to the possibility of using nodejs and cloud-based services.
 You can be informed by its twitter

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