Open Shell the open source application to modify the start menu of winndows 10

windows 10
windows 10

Within the applications to configure Windows was Classic Shell that returns the classic look to the modern start menu. but stopped updating since 2017 but as it is open source a group of programmers created Open Shell and have updated the program can be used in Windows7/8/8.1/10, publishing the Open Shell source code in GitHub where you can also download the installers.
 Since it’s still online at they want to save the web data because they have mirrored in GitHub.
 The program consists of configuring Windows to change the default menu of Windows 10 to a retro or classic menu style, in addition you can configure the File Explorer.
After installing Open Shell and pressing the Windows start button for the first time, you will get the menu options in addition to choosing the image of the start button.

Not happy with the Windows 10 Start menu? Open Shell is a free Start menu alternative worth trying.

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