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 While Windows moved in the proprietary system, the FOSS Free Open Source Software movement followed its evolution. There were companies like Corel that released programs for Gnu/Linux including their own distribution.
  In the early days of the Internet, Gnu/Linux was widely used for servers, for example the Apache web server came to hold the majority of the market.

  As there were machines with Windows together with Gnu/Linux, the interconnection was an initiative of the FLOSS Community and it was necessary to work together. This is how Samba was created to share linux with windows working with the same communication protocol of networked machines.

  It was also used reverse engineering for the Wine and ReactOS projects. Wine to create a compatibility layer to run Windows programs and ReactOS  was proposed to be a free windows clone.

To manage wine programs were created as Playonlinux, Winetricks and Vineyard.

  It appeared a different distribution from the others until that moment Lindows OS that promised to install MS Office through wine. The word game didn’t like Microsoft that sued them but lost but bought the brand Lindows in disuse until now.

  The company behind wine, Codeweavers, released a proprietary version called CrossOver that had a collection of programs that ran on Windows and any company could hire it to run their Windows programs on CrossOver.

  As for the Desktop programs:
Skype a proprietary internet communication program had a Gnu/Linux version when Microsoft bought it there was uncertainty about a Gnu/Linux version until they released a Gnu/Linux version of Skype.
 So not only Windows NT, also Ms Office is an object of imitation, as is the WPS Office software for Gnu/Linux formerly Kingsoft Office, which offered a clean version of MS Office.

  Micosoft took out its open source licenses and started to create code and release it as open source and like the big guys decided to take out their own Codeplex web hosting project of open source programs.

Also Microsoft went into the cloud with Azure a cloud computing service that worked with virtual machines from Gnu/Linux distributions. In order to do this they had to contribute to the Linux kernel code especially the Hyper-V drivers so Microsoft was among the 20 Linux kernel contributors.

Microsoft makes available to the public the source code for MS-DOS 1.1 AND 2.0 AND Word for Windows 1.1 A.

  Just like java was created with open source programs to replicate it, the same happened with Microsoft’s .NET framework, the Mono project was created to create a complete open source replacement for . NET that can run on many software systems, including Android, most Linux distributions, BSD, MacOS, Windows, Solaris and even some video game consoles such as PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360.

  Microsoft moved its programs to the cloud is to say that can be used from a browser compatible with Html 5 is how Office 365 programs are born which are the web version of Word Excel Powerpoint among others, because with an account Ms Live is that you can use the separate versions is so I created a program that installs shortcuts to web programs is to devir MS Office Web Apps for Gnu / Linux.

  It is in the framework of the Microsoft Cloud Brifing of October 20, 2014, Satya Nadellathe new CEO of Microsoft said that he was not willing to deal with old battles and concluded that Microsoft loves Linux.

  During the Connect() developer event in San Francisco on November 12 and 13, 2014, Microsoft makes the .Net platform open source and releases Gnu/Linux and OS X versions by making its code available on GitHub.

  At the Microsoft Build conference on April 29, 2015, Visual Studio Code, a lightweight, cross-platform code editor for Gnu/Linux, OSX and Windows, was released free and available immediately.

  On September 17, 2015 Microsoft introduced Azure Cloud Switch (ACS) A Linux distro a gnu/linux operating system to be used as switches for the communication of Azure’s infrastructure.

  In the Connect() on November 18th 2015 Visual Studio Code is already open source with MIT license and will be available in GitHub.

  On December 5th 2015 Chakra the javacript engine behind the Edge browser was released as open source with MIT license, which from now on will be called chacracore, which will be available on Github.

  On February 26, 2016 Microsoft purchased Xamarin for an unmentioned amount, being aware of how important is the development of mobile applications, in which Xamarin became a leader, being chosen by 15,000 customers in 120 countries including large companies among them 100 of the Fortune 500. Xamarin is free, multi-platform and open source, an application platform to create Android and iOS applications with .NET and C #.

  Microsoft wrote in its blog on March 7, 2016 that it would have a version of its SQL Server 2017 database program for Gnu/Linux, noting that it remains a proprietary program, then released a version of SQL Server for Windows, Gnu/Linux and Docker image.

  At the Build conference on March 30, 2016 Microsoft will integrate Ubuntu Bash subsystem into Windows 10. This is thanks to the collaboration of Microsoft and Canonical.

  Microsoft has released Powershell for Gnu/Linux and Mac. This allows Gnu/Linux to access another command interpreter, of the many that it has. It has released the code in GitHub under MIT license.

  Microsoft has joined the Linux Foundation as a Platinum member no less, making it one of the largest contributors to the institution.

  In February 2017 Micosoft announced the migration from Windows to Git, by May 26th they already had 90% completed with their 4,352 branches making it the largest code repository in the world.
 Micosoft using Git gives us the statistics and Windows has 300 Gbytes of code.

  So 10 years ago Linspire was discontinued then PC / OpenSystems LLC, which is responsible for the development of Black Lab Linux, has acquired the trademarks of Linspire and has launched Linspire 7 and Freespire 3.

  Microsoft created Azure Sphere a Linux for IOT, a proprietary or quasi-private solution using a Linux kernel distribution, the reasons why using Linux and not Windows, is because of the advantages of Linux, especially security.  Well Azure Sphere is a system that consists of 3 parts.

  Microsoft announced that it bought GiHub for $7.5 billion in Microsof.t. shares. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the merger between the two firms will strengthen Microsoft’s commitment to innovation and freedom in software development.
After the purchase, several programmers migrated mainly to GitLab.

  Steam creates Proton to play Windows games on Gnu/Linux. We can see the progress of the improvement of Proton visiting the web of protondb. You can see that the list of games that can be played with Proton is 10,402 of 13730.

  Microsoft will use Chromium for their Edge web browser, inheriting the benefits such as extension compatibility.
 In addition, Microsoft announced that it plans to become Chromium’s “largest contributor

  WSL2 is the second version of Windows Subsystem for Linux, which works with a Linux kernel on the fly that translates Linux system calls to Windows NT system calls.  This technology allows the use of Gnu/Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, Kali, Fedora and SUSE. It is aimed at developers who work with the terminal by focusing on command line tools.

  Microsoft announced the release of Teams a groupware application especially in the working world part of Microsoft 365 the successor of Office 365, adding that it is the first Microsoft 365 desktop application to land on Gnu/Linux.

  At the Ignite event on November 12, 2019 Microsoft announced Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection for Gnu/Linux. Works as Microsoft’s generally available threat protection (MTP) provides intelligence, automation and integration to coordinate protection, detection, response and prevention by combining and organizing the Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) capabilities of Microsoft Defender (endpoints), Office 365 ATP (email), Azure ATP (identity) and Microsoft Cloud App Security (applications) into a single solution.

 Windows 7 released in 2009, on January 14, 2020 support for Windows 7 ended, so Windows 7 users had the choice to stay on Windows 7 or switch to Windows 10 or move to Mac or switch from Windows 7 to Gnu/Linux.

  Microsoft has released the Microsoft Application Inspector in GitHub as Open Source. It is a code analysis tool especially Open Source for security and can examine millions of lines of code in several different programming languages, it is written on .NET Core.

 The Wine team is proud to announce that the stable version Wine 5.0 is now available. This release represents a year of development effort and over 7,400 individual changes.

 Github company owned by Microsoft bought NPM ( Node Package Manager ). the world’s largest software registry for an unspecified amount

 The history will continue…..