Accessing Linux System Files on Windows with WSL 2

wsl 2
wsl 2

For Gnu/Linux users, when we have at least 2 operating systems installed and Windows is running with Gnu/Linux, when we hear the word mount, we remember the command to mount Windows partitions on your Gnu/Linux using the mount command, where we can access the files.
It seems that Microsoft has accepted this reality of coexisting in a double boot with Gnu/Linux, making it possible from Windows to access the Gnu/Linux partition.

acceder ext4
acceder ext4

 In the Windows Insider Preview 20211 to be able to make mount Gnu/Linux partitions they have created a new command for the Wsl the wsl –mount, that mounts inside WSL file types that are not normally supported in Windows like Ext 4 and then you can access the files of your Gnu/Linux partition from the console and the File Explorer.

montar comando
montar comando

To mount a disk, open a PowerShell window with administrator privileges and run:

wsl –mount <DiskPath>

To list the available disks in Windows, run:

wmic diskdrive list brief

To unmount and detach the disk from WSL 2, run

wsl –unmount <Diskpath>

The disks paths are available under the ‘DeviceID’ columns. Usually under the \\.\\\.

WSL 2 is Getting Even Tighter Windows/Linux Integration

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