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 Systemd 246 includes support for Microsoft BitLocker volumes Microsoft’s contributions to systemd will allow some host machine information to be exposed to containers, while by another systemd-cryptsetup you can from the version of the init we are concerned with activate Microsoft BitLocker volumes during boot

 Wine 5.14 introduces the Webdings font and more than 300 changes plus
Highlights of WINE 5.14
  More restructuring of the console support.
  Initial version of the Webdings font.
  Begin PE conversion of MSVCRT libraries.
  Several bug fixes

New Developer Landing Page and Issues Repo
 Microsoft is excited to announce two new online resources for developers using Windows
   A new docs landing-page for developers building and deploying apps and systems running on non-Microsoft operating systems like Linux and Android
   A new GitHub issues repo for filing developer-oriented issues with Windows.
 Windows Blog

The new version of Power Toys brings a color picker The Color Picker was originally an independent tool, developed by Martin Chrzan, and whose code we can consult in his GitHub repository with this we can get the color from any part of the screen in the Hexadecimal code used in Web Design.
PowerToys Release

MIcrosoft Becomes Maintainer of Windows Version of PyTorch Movement Aims to Improve New GPU-Accelerated Machine Learning Training in Windows 10 Subsystem for Linux.
 PyTorch Blog

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