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sql server
sql server

Microsoft wrote on its blog that it would have a version of its SQL Server 2017 database program for Gnu / Linux, highlighting that it is still a proprietary program, then released a beta version of SQL Server for Windows, Gnu / Linux and Docker image. In its stable version SQL Server 2017 released for Windows, Gnu / Linux and Docker image, we can see its news Both for Windows and Gnu / Linux the editions of Exterprise, Standard, Express, Developer and Web were launched, with the same prices for both. Redhat has an offer for those who want to buy it together with their RHEL This program is aimed at the business sector directly competing with the Oracle Database, which has been a Gnu / Linux version for a long time. It is currently in the SQL Server 2019 version.


08/03/2016 Microsoft SQL Server Is Coming To Linux

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