Change Windows 7 to Gnu / Linux

windows 7
windows 7

Change Windows 7 to Gnu / Linux

Windows 7 released in 2009,, on January 14, 2020, support for Windows 7 ended, so Windows 7 users had alternatives to stay in Windows 7 or switch to Windows 10 or switch to Mac or switch to Gnu / Linux. As Windows 10 requires a lot of resources, so they would have to buy a more powerful computer to continue using the same computer. There are several companies and organizations that ask them to use Gnu / Linux instead as Canonical. On the Ubuntu blog, they publish an article aimed at Windows users. 7 in which the reasons why Ubuntu should be adopted, instead of Windows 10, also Linux Lite is put as an alternative for Windows 7.

There are distributions in Gnu / Linux to replace Windows 7. Among them are Linux Mint, ZorinOS, KDE Neon, Kubuntu, Linspire, Elementary, Ubuntu.

Well there are at least 5 reasons to switch to Gnu / Linux.

1. Maintained & Supported
2. Secure by Design
3. Safer App Install
4. Control, absolute
5. System Updates Often Free Space

The Free Software Foundation asked Microsoft to release Windows 7 code.

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