Microsoft acknowledges its error regarding Open Source

microsft y open source
microsoft y open source

At the time Steve Ballmer called Linux cancer and recognized his mistake, because Microsoft’s position is
 remembering what Satya Nadella said Microsoft loves Linux.

 On May 14, 2020, Brad Smith attended a virtual conference with the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory where he stated

“Microsoft was on the wrong side of history when open-source exploded at the beginning of the century and I can say that about me personally. The good news is that, if life is long enough, you can learn…that you need to change. Today, Microsoft is the single largest contributor to open-source projects in the world when it comes to businesses. When we look at GitHub, we see it as the home for open-source development, and we see our responsibility as its steward to make it a secure, productive home for [developers].”

14 may 2020    Microsoft President Brad Smith Acknowledges They Were Previously Wrong On Open-Source

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