Improvements in Linux 5.10 for Wine Games

wine and linux

Regarding the technical issue of the Linux System operation, as far as I understand there are many updates regarding the operation of the Linux 5.10 kernel with respect to the graphical mode there are these 2 news via phoronix
Linux 5.10 To Bring SLDT/STR Emulation To Help Some Windows Games On Wine

Last year Wine itself added emulation for some CPU instructions now blocked by UMIP, the User-Mode Instruction Prevention functionality found in the latest Intel and AMD processors. Now slated for Linux 5.10 is the emulation/spoofing of two of those instructions by the kernel as another attempt to help a small number of Windows programs relying on those instructions.

FUTEX2 Still Being Worked On For Benefiting Linux Gaming & Much More

Proposed last summer by Valve and Collabora developers were extending the Linux kernel’s futex system call to allow for more optimal thread pool synchronization and paired with Wine/Proton work to better match the semantics of Windows. That then spun into creating a new system call, futex2. With the recently closed Linux 5.9 merge window the new futex2 system call didn’t land, but the work is still being pursued.

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