Linspire 9 released

linspire 9
linspire 9

On its web which is a version of blogspot, I don’t know why he doesn’t invest in making a decent website like Microsoft did.
His story begins with his Linspire 7 version in 2018

They are presented as the main desktop of the market, with a lot of updates, its features are
uses as base Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, XFCE 4.14 desktop and Kernel.
Pre-installed applications include: Google Chrome, Only Office, VLC and all multimedia codecs.

They have also updated The Linspire 2019 R2 Workstation, Linspire CE (cloud edition) and Linspire CE Office 365.
Finally they have removed the SNAP support to replace it with FlatPack support, due to privacy concerns

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