Linux is the most used system in Microsoft Azure


Gnu/Linux is number one on Microsoft Azure, a cloud services platform.

The growth trend of Gnu/Linux in 2016 was 33% of virtual machines running Gnu/Linux, in 2017 it was 40%, in 2018 50% and in 2019 the trend was still up, with Gnu/Linux outperforming Windows on the Microsoft platform for the first time.

Through an infographic published by Adir Ron, in his LinkedIn account, you can get the data:

  •     Over 50% of Azure’s virtual machine cores are running Linux
  •     Linux-based images account for 60% of the images available on Azure Marketplace
  •     Microsoft Azure Top 100 Customers Deploy Workloads with Linux
  •     Microsoft offers all major Linux distributions, from Red Hat to SUSE, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, CoreOS and openSUSE .
  •     In fact, Microsoft has also opened the door to BSD with FreeBSD
  •     Azure offers two natively supported managed Kubernetes orchestration services: Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure Red Hat OpenShift

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