Microsoft buys Xamarin to boost to program in dot net applications for any mobile


Microsoft bought Xamarin for an amount not mentioned, being aware of how important is the development of mobile applications, in which Xamarin became a leader, being chosen per 15,000 customers in 120 countries including large companies including 100 of the Fortune 500.
At that time Microsoft had not given up on windows phone for which Xamarin support windows phone, was one more reason.

Xamarin the company that was behind the Mono project the open source alternative of the liberated dot net, as we see in in the downloads section offers visual studio for Mac in the case of windows that offers a free visual studio community by adding an add-on for GTK#.
On the website we are redirected to a subdomain of we have the option to download the version of visual studio community that has xamarin built in.
Xamarin used the experience of working in mono to create programs read apis, working on IOS and Android in addition to windows phone to have a common programming environment, to be programmed in C#, so you could create mobile applications platform using the same code base dot net, reminds me of the relationship wine crossover.
whose characteristics are:
– Native user interfaces
– Native API access
– Native performance
There are components of Xamarin that are open source you can find at the end of the web.
– Xamarin Mac and iOS
– Xamarin Android
– Xamarin.Forms

24/02/2016 Microsoft to acquire Xamarin and empower more developers to build apps on any device

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