Microsoft makes open source .Net and releases version for Gnu/Linux and OSX

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During the Connect() developer event in San Francisco on November 12 and 13, Microsoft released the news that the .Net platform was becoming open source under MIT license and giving a version for Gnu/Linux and OS X making its code available on GitHub.
The server stack, ASP.NET, the .NET compiler, .NET Core Runtime, as well as the Framework and the libraries will be released.
For this there were previous events such as the Open Source Compiler .Net at the beginning of the year and the creation of the foundation .NET in conjunction with Xamarin announced in the Build in April 2014.
For more than 12 years .NET became the best development platform on MS Windows up to 6 Million developers on the .NET platform.
Microsoft wants to work with the Mono community sponsored by Xamarin.
Mono is an open source implementation of C#.
Some developers commented that they did not opt for .NET because it is only available for MS Windows.
It is from now on that they are not going to have any excuses to use it.
Oracle, the company behind java, will be worried.

12/11/2014 Microsoft Takes .NET Open Source And Cross-Platform

03/04/2014 Microsoft Launches .NET Foundation To Foster The .NET Open Source Ecosystem

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