Microsoft launches Visual Studio Code for Gnu/Linux, OSX and Windows

visual studio code

At the Microsoft Build 2015 conference, a lightweight, cross-platform code editor was released, for Gnu/Linux, OSX and Windows free and immediately available.
The technology used is a mixture of open source based on electron chromium and the proprietary MS code editor Monaco.
The release of .NET brought as a consequence that to develop could only be done in Windows with Visual Studio IDE, that’s why the developers asked for more tools, this request was transformed.
In the visual studio code option, for those who, instead of an IDE, are used to working with code editors such as Atom by GitHub or Sublime Text.
The first version has restrictions, the first is that despite being free is proprietary, the second is that there is only 64-bit version, the third is that the compatibility does not go beyond Gnome and integrates perfectly with Unity, ie this made for Ubuntu 64-bit.


1/05/2015 How to Install Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu

29/04/2015 Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Code, A Free Cross-Platform Code Editor For OS X, Linux And Windows

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