Microsoft Loves Linux

microsoft ama linux
Microsoft loves Linux

It is within the framework of the Microsoft Cloud Brifing of October 20, 2014 (MicrosoftOpen youtube channel) where he explains that 20% of Azure’s Virtual Machines were Gnu/Linux.
The event in San Francisco aims to show how much Azure has grown in addition to the alliances.
Nadella said he was not willing to deal with old battles (Wired).
Microsoft loves Linux at least as far as the “Cloud” is concerned making Azure run the Gnu/Linux distributions as we have seen collaborates in the Linux kernel as far as Hyper-V drivers are concerned.
Microsoft has understood that “Cloud Azure” is used by small and medium enterprises and these require Gnu/Linux for which it makes available several distributions.
Microsoft is the only one that has a completely proprietary “Cloud”, running on top of Hyper-V which is Azure’s heart.

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