Microsoft will use Git to develop Windows

windows git
windows git

In 2013 Micosoft decided to centralize its development in ONECORE, that is, in a single nucleus because until that moment its SourceDepot version control system, unable to operate with the full Windows, is divided into 65 repositories that had overlapping code. That year he presented the roadmap for using git for his Visual Studio development toolkit. Months later, he endorsed it for use in his programs.

Git is a version control system used to keep track of changes made to files. It was originally created by the Father of Linux, Linus Torvalds. When Linus started work on the Linux kernel, he used the free version of a (then) proprietary source control management system named BitKeeper. In 2005, Larry McVoy, the owner of BitKeeper, accused Andrew Tridgell, the creator of Samba and rsync, of reverse engineering BitKeepers protocols and revoke the free use of BitKeeper.

As a result, Linus Torvalds, creator of the Linux kernel, looked at the source control management software available. Since none met his criteria, he created his own and called it git. About the name, Linus said, “I’m an egotistical bastard, and I name all my projects after myself. First ‘Linux’, now ‘Git’”. Git is British slang for someone who is pig headed and always sure that they are right.

In February 2017, Micosoft announced the migration of Windows to Git, for May 26 and 90% completed with its 4,352 branches will become the largest code repository in the world.

  MIcrosoft using Git give us the statistics and the numbers are brutal Windows has 300 Gbytes of code

So far, 2,000 Microsoft engineers have switched over to git with 500 more to move over in the next couple of months. Here are some of the stats from the new git repo:

There are over 250,000 reachable Git commits in the history for this repo, over the past 4 months.
8,421 pushes per day (on average)
2,500 pull requests, with 6,600 reviewers per work day (on average)
4,352 active topic branches
1,760 official builds per day

Microsoft could not use Git as it was, so it proposed several changes among which are

 The first change they made was the creation of the Git Virtual File System. The problem with having such a massive repo is that not everyone needs to clone (copy) the entire repo to their local machine. The Git Virtual File System allows each programmer to only download the files that he needs access to.

The second problem they had to fix was tweaking the algorithm to keep track of which files had been accessed by the Git Virtual File System. Otherwise, running a simple command like git status to check to see which files had been modified would take half an hour to sort through 3.5 million files.

Finally, Microsoft had to build a git proxy server to handle the needs of employees in areas with lower bandwidth. Their North Carolina was encountering higher git response, but after installing the git proxy, they see better results than those in Redmond.

Microsoft plans to make these improvements available upstream so that other developers can take advantage of them. Currently, Git Virtual File System is not supported by any Linux git clients.

01/06/2017 Microsoft Is Now Using Linus Torvalds’ Open Source Tool For Windows Development

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