VsCodium Visual Studio Code without Microsoft


No doubt VS Code, Microsoft’s code editor has great popularity several programmers recommend it, but not for everyone.
 The world’s most demanding FLOSS programmers have 2 objections to it

1 The first one that is made by Microsoft, as there is some resentment against a company that has been facing the FLOSS community, there may be some justified distrust.
2 Although the code in GitHub is open source, the available binaries are distributed with a non-FLOSS license and Telemetry is added, because it is distributed with a MIT license which allows to make proprietary programs with open source.

So there is the code, to be compiled and not be subject to the 2 previous objections, for this scenario is that there is VSCodium that compiles the Visual Studio Code in GitHub, with the difference of the logo and the absence of telemetry.
Vscodium is not a Fork of Visual Studio Code, but rather a set of Scripts hosted in GitHub that make the compilation of the code hosted in GitHub of Visual Studio Code.
Despite these features there are disadvantages, the extensions marketplace only works with Visual Studio Code so to access the extensions you have to go to the Open VSX Registry page

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