Windows Terminal preview 1.3 comes with a command palette


The first stable version of Windows Terminal 1.0 came out in May, as we announced, it was the Window where several terminals worked such as CMD, Powershell and WSL command lines, later they added the Azure Cloud Shell.
 As Microsoft tells in its blog, Windows Terminal 1.2 and Windows Terminal preview 1.3 are available for installation from Microsoft Store or GitHub, among the new features listed in Windows Terminal Preview are

Command Palette

What Micosoft calls command palette is not an autocomplete of the terminal instructions we are using but rather a launcher of terminal applications like closing or duplicating the current tab, altering the text format or changing the command line, we can also customize it by adding functions by accessing the settings.json file.
 It works in two modes: action and command line mode
The action mode is the mode you will access by default and in which all the Windows Terminal commands will be listed. The command line mode can be entered by typing > and then you can enter any wt command, which will be invoked in the current window.

Advanced Tab Control

There are improvements in the handling of eyelashes are
Advanced Tab Switcher
Eyelash Search
Eyelash color adjustment

Developers: Windows Terminal Preview 1.3 arrives with new ‘command palette’

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